How To Bet Hockey

Hockey bets can be a little more confusing then other sports bets, since there are several different terms such as puck lines, moneylines, and Canadian lines. Here are the types of hockey bets that you can make.


The moneyline bet is betting on one team to win a game and there is no spread on the game. The team you bet on simple has to win the game. However, since there is no spread you will not get as good as odds if you bet on the favorite, but you will get better odds if you bet on the underdog. A moneyline bet in hockey will look like this:

Pittsburgh Penguins -155
Philadelphia Flyers +135

The – signifies the favorite and the + signifies the underdog. In this example you would have to bet $15 to win $10 if you bet on the Penguins and you would have to bet $10 to win $13.5 if you bet on the Flyers.

Puck Line

A puck line bet is basically betting on a game with a point spread and moneyline combined. The hockey team that you bet on has to win by the point spread of the game, which is typically at +1.5/-1.5 goals. An example of a puck line bet would look like this:

Washington Capitals -1.5 +130
Florida Panthers +1.5 -150

You have the choice to make 2 puck line bets in this example. You can bet on the Capitals and if they win by 2 or more goals then you win $13 by betting $10 with the +130 moneyline. If the Panthers win the game or they lose the game by only 1 goal then if you bet $15 you will win $10 with a moneyline of -150.


The totals bet is betting on the total amount of goals scored by both team combined. Totals bet are also called Over/Under bets. A total bet would look like this:

L.A. Kings vs. Dallas Stars 4.5

In this example to win the Over bet the game has to have a combined total of 5 goals and conversely to win the Under both teams have to combine to score fewer then 5 goals. There will be different moneyline odds for the Over/Under depending on what sportsbook thinks the total will be.


A parlay bet is betting on 2 or more teams to win. The more teams that you bet on with the parlay bet the bigger the payout will be, but the harder the bet is to win. In a parlay bet every team that you pick with the bet has to win.

Proposition Bets (prop bet)

A prop bet is a team or player bet that has nothing to do with the outcome of the game. There are not as many individual prop bets that you can make in hockey betting, but they are available. Just a few prop bet examples are which team will score first, will a team score more then 2 goals, and goals by period.


Future bets are ones that you can make on players and teams before the season and during the season. There are many big futures bets that are posted before the season that you can get good odds on such as team to win Stanley Cup, Eastern and Western Conference, and each division. Examples for individual futures bets are player to win Con Smythe (MVP), score the most goals, and Vezina Trophy (Top Goalie Award). The futures odds will change throughout the season, but the odds you get when you make the futures bet are the ones you are locked into regardless on how they change.