How To Bet Football

There are many betting options when you bet on football. There are some bets that have low risk that have low payouts while there are also other bets that are high risk but that come with high payouts. Below are the kinds of bets you can make when betting on football.

Point Spread

The point spread is the most common football bat. The point spread bet is also called a straight bet and usually you get -110 odds to win $100. A point spread bet would look like this:

Washington Redskins -7
New York Jets +7

In this example the Redskins are favored by 7 points and if you bet on them they have to win by at least 8 points in order to win your bet. Conversely, if you bet on the Jets you are getting 7 points right off the bat and if they win or lose by 7 or fewer points you will win the bet.


The moneyline bet takes the point spread out of the equation, as you bet on one team to either win or lose. However, since there is no point spread you will not get as good as odds if you would bet the point spread. The moneyline bet is a wager than is based on the odds not the point spread. A moneyline bet would look like this:

Atlanta Falcons +150
New Orleans Saints -160

The + signifies the underdog and the – signifies the favorite. In this example you would have to bet $16 to win $10 on the Saints and bet $10 to win $15 on the Saints.


A totals bet has nothing to do with if a team wins or not, but rather on how many combined points by both teams. You can choose to bet the Over or Under what the posted total of the game is. Usually there are odds of 11/10 for totals bets. An example of a totals bet would look like this:

Washington Redskins vs. New York Giants 43

If you bet the Over the point total for both teams has to be above 43 for you to win. Conversely if you bet the Under the point total for both teams has to be under 42 for you to win the bet.


Parlay bets have a big payout, but they are more difficult to win since you are betting on 2 or more teams and they each or all have to win in order for you to win the bet. If you make an 8 team parlay bet and only 1 team loses you will still lose the bet. There is a progressive parlay where you can have one or a couple losses and still pay out, but it will be at a lower payout amount. Since you are betting on 2 or more teams the odds are better, as the more teams you bet on in the parlay bet the better odds you will get for a significant payout.


A pleaser bet is much like a parlay bet but with more juice. A pleaser bet has very high payouts, but it is much more difficult to win. You have to win all the games you choose with the pleaser bet and you are doing the opposite of a teaser bet, as you give away points instead of getting them. Pleaser bets are not easy to win, but the payout can be pretty big.

Proposition Bets (prop bets)

Prop bets have nothing to do with the game and you can make prop bets on teams and players. Some examples of prop bets are which team will score first, will a team score a safety, which team will pass for the most yards, which QB will throw for more yards, which RB will have more TD’s in the game, and which WR will have more receiving yards to just name a few. The bigger the game the prop bets will be available. For the Super Bowl there are tons of prop bets and some that have nothing to do with the game itself such as which team will win the coin flip and how many songs will the halftime act sing.


A futures bet is betting on something that you can bet on before and during the season and then wait until the end of the season to cash out if you win. There are team futures bets and individual player futures bets. The most common future bets are which team will win the Super Bowl, NFC or AFC Conference championship, division winners, and the MVP for the season. You can also make player future bets such as QB to throw O/U a certain amount of yard and TD’s, and a RB to run for a certain amount of yards and TD’s to just name two. Futures bets can give favorable odds, considering that the odds are set before the season begins. You can make futures bets during the season, but the odds will change. The odds that you get when you make the bet are the odds that you are locked into no matter how much they change.