7 Card Stud

Along with Texas Hold’em, 7 Card Stud Poker is the most popular poker game both at land based casinos and online casinos around the world. The game requires more than just a bit of luck. It requires skill and most importantly, a lot of patience.
However, just like any game, you cannot expect o be good at it if you do not learn the basics first. Once you have nailed the basics then you can concentrate on things like strategy and good bluffing techniques.

The sequence

    • 1. The poker room determines what the ante will be. The game begins with the players placing this ante bet on the table. However, certain tables will have a low limit and antes are not required.


    • 2. The first play of the game is called Third Street. This is where the dealer deals three cards to each player – two pocket cards and one face up (door card). The player with the lowest door card is the player that starts off the betting. Players can either check, fold, bet or raise.


    • 3. Fourth Street commences with a fourth card being dealt to each player face up. Another round of betting starts and players may decide to check, fold, bet or raise.


    • 4. Fifth Street starts off with a fifth card being dealt. Once again, the card is face up. The third round of betting starts and players can check, fold, bet or raise.


    • 5. The sixth card is then dealt to the players face up. This is known as Sixth Street and this also precedes the fourth round of betting. Players may check, fold, bet or raise.


    • 6. Seventh Street, or the River, is when the final and seventh card is dealt. This card is placed face down. This is also where the final round of betting takes place.


  • 7. If there are more than two players left in the game by the time of the Showdown then all the players who are left will turn their cards over so that they are all facing up. The dealer then sees who has the highest and the lowest hands. These two players split the pot equally between the two of them.

Good playing habits

The best thing you can do when playing this form of poker is to be able to adapt your play. This will come with time. You first have to work out a playing strategy that suits your playing style. Some players prefer to hang back, while others are renowned for their aggression.
Once you have nailed down your own playing style, you can start to concentrate on how others play. There will invariably come a time when you have to adapt your strategy and playing style. This will be dictated by the game itself. There is nothing wrong with a bit of variation. It will keep you sharper and also keep you from becoming too predictable.
You should also know when to fold. If, by Fifth Street, you are not convinced that you have a winning hand then you should consider folding your hand. If you do not, you may be throwing your money away unnecessarily.