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Good Girl Bad Girl

Are you feeling a little naughty today?  Well you sure will enjoy this 5 reel 15 line 3D slot game from Bovada.  Good Girl Bad Girl puts you in charge of your own destiny.  You get to choose Good or Bad or you can play both sides and gain complete control over your experience.  This slot game features Free Spins, Money Wheel, Click Me and more.  Take charge of your slot game and sign up to play at Bovada Casino.  First time players receive up to an additional $3000 in deposit bonuses!!

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Game Features

Control Your Destiny: This game has 3 modes of play, Good, Bad and Both.  Firstly the Good Mode offers a friendly low risk form of play with frequent payouts but the overall wins are much smaller.  The Bad Mode offers a much higher risk game and the payouts are much higher. The Both Mode lets you play good and bad at the same time so it increases your odds to win much more.

 Wild Symbols

 The special wild symbols are the pitch fork and the halo, when either of these symbols occur on the reels they instantly become Wilds! Each wild symbol has a hidden multiplier.  Pitch fork symbols can only occur on reels 3, 4 and 5 and you could be rewarded anywhere from 1x to 4x multiplier. The Halo symbols can only appear on the 1,2 or 3 reel and award much small multipliers of 1x or 2 x.

 Click Me Feature

 When playing if the pitch fork or halo symbols appear side by side, you will get a special Click Me bonus which will be triggered.  If you are playing in the good mode you will receive a Good Click Me bonus.  If you are playing in the bad mode you will receive a Bad Click Me bonus. If you are playing in the Both mode you will get to choose either form of Click Me.

 Good Click Me

The Good Click Me feature will present you with 4 gift boxes and inside each of these boxes is a small, medium or big win and a collect.  You will find some of the boxes are glowing and these contain either big wins or collect.

 Bad Click Me

Similar to the Good Click Me same type of bonus structure.

Moneywheel Bonus (Progressive Jackpot)

If you land three or more Money Wheel symbols it triggers the Money Wheel bonus.  Depending on the playing mode you will either get a Good Jackpot or the Bad Money Wheel which give you a chance at the for the Bad Jackpot.  If you are playing in the Both Mode you will be given a chance to choose which mode you want. During this feature you will get taken to the Money Wheel where you spin the wheel and win a prize! Prizes include instant credits, free spins or the opportunity to trigger the Progressive Jackpot. Take note that you will have a chance at the Progressive only if you are playing max bet.


All and all this game is chocked full of action and opportunity to win big prizes!!



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