Sheldon Adelsons 8 Things Wrong With Online Gambling

According to some news spots if Sheldon Adelson gets his way and wipes out online gambling from the face of the united states, 8 things could happen.

Pretty much anyone can sign-up at online poker sites currently in the US and these sites although they claim to don’t run any age verification checks. If you were going to launder money in the united states would you rather have an age verification or not?

In a completely unregulated environment it would be easier for youths to sign-up to play online gambling games.
With problem gamblers there would be no way to regulate how much a person with a gambling addiction could play.
Online poker players would continue to get ripped off by shady operators.

Poker will cease to exist as we know it and along with it the millions of dollars and jobs that go with it.

The US economy will lose out on high value high paying jobs that are provided by land based casinos.

The Us Economy will lose revenue on jobs, licensing fees , tax revenue that is gleaned from new jobs created.

The One Thing That Will Remain the Same is Sheldon Adelson Will Still Be Very Rich.

Now if one was to buy into all this dribble then it would appears Mr. Adelson is right, however that is not the case. If online gambling was legal in the US the benefits would far outweigh the con’s for the American people, perhaps not Mr. Adelson but then he is only one man.

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