Pennsylvania Considering Online Gambling Prosecution Law

There never seems to be an end to the difference of opinion regarding online gambling in the US. Some US states are completely for allowing their residents to have access to legal and regulated gambling online. Unfortunately there is only Nevada who allows people within the state to play online poker at specific sites that are licensed by the Nevada Gaming Commission. New Jersey and Delaware offer internet casino games to folks inside their borders.

Although early it is suggested that 10 other states are considering legalizing internet wagering. At the other end of the spectrum Pennsylvania is considering banning it and creating a law that internet gamblers would be able to be charged if caught participating. Mario Scavello, a Republican in the State has proposed a reform to existing law that would include penalties and possible jail terms for anyone that was found playing on an internet gambling site.

If this ridiculous bill passes the house then first time offenders could face a fine of $300 and a potential 99 days in jail. This bill was introduced on the heels of Pennsylvania considering the legalization of online gambling in the state. Mr. Scavello has described internet gaming as the “new Wild West” and there is no one to keep an eye on the folks who don’t know when to stop. Mr. Scavello believes if you hit people in their wallet you can crack down on lawbreakers.

In In my opinion this is the typical blind control thinking of some of the idiots elected into political positions. I am sure there is definitely an agenda here.

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