Online Gambling In South Africa

When South Africa’s Minister of Trade and Industry tables a draft of the Remote Gambling bill it will be the first steps to legalization of Online Gambling in the country. After the bill is tabled and published in parliament it must then be open to public comment. It will then be debated in the Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry. After this it will be this group who will make a decision on it before it goes before parliament for a vote on finality.

The parliament and portfolio committee on Trade will of course make the finaly decision as to whether it will be passed into law. Just because the bill may become enacted doesn’t mean that online gambling establishments will be able to immediately begin doing business in South Africa. Once the bill has passed into legislature by both houses the regulations for taxation have to be established and passed.
Wayne Lurie an attorney and authority in gambling and technology law indicated that the bill seems rather well constructed.
Bodasing who was a commissioner of the Gambling Review Commission that was established by the Ministry of Trade and Industry in 2010, that was formed to study the entire gambling industry said there are several reasons it is taking so long to legalize.

First says Bbodasing the Department had taken a wait and see approach for recommendations from both houses of parliament. In 2008 legislation to regulate online gambling was passed but said no regulations were passed, nor any licenses granted to do business in South Africa.
Over the past 10 years the online gambling industry has grown and South Africa has lost revenue and the public has not been offered much in the way of protection. The new bill seeks to address all these issues and we believe will be benefical for all the people of South Africa including prosperity and safety.

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