Online Gambling Has Grown Exponentially Due to Smart Phones

Online Gambling growth has grown exponentially largely in part to the ease of use on smartphone devices. Since its inception in 1996, playing casino games/poker and betting on sports have become mainstream globally although not recognized in some countries as legal yet. In 2013 the size of the online gambling market was in access of $35 Billion dollars annually and at the end of this year it had rose to over $45 Billion partly due to the increase in accessibility to wireless devices.

It is estimated that there are over 2 Billion smartphone users globally and continuing to rise with the increase in ability to connect to the internet globally. This number offers the gaming industry a huge market with a click of a button. Casino’s now offer an easy non-downloadable opportunity to play a tremendous amount of casino games for free and real money anytime they choose.

In 2013 it was reported that 4.3% of all smartphone users had downloaded a sports betting or casino game related application. More and more apps are being added every day in this sector now and it has become increasingly competitive. That said there are still just a small few in this industry that have been tried and true through the years of expansion and before using any gambling applications the users should do their research.

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