Newly Minted Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection Take On Adelson

The newly formed Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection backed by MGM International and other Washington Powerhouses to take on Sheldon Adelson’s mission to ban Internet Gambling is going on a 3 week ad campaign worth $250,000 against the federal Online Gambling ban. The ad buy will predominately focus on Washington DC but will also spread some of its presence to Nevada.
The newly minted Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection is going up Wednesday with an initial three-week, $250,000 online and print ad buy to campaign against a federal online gambling ban. The ad buy is focused predominately on the Washington, D.C., market, but also will have presence in Nevada.

The newly formed coalition has hired some big hitters from around DC to help them make their case including Former Republican Mike Oxley who served as Financial Services Chair when the UIGEA come into effect in 2006. Mr Oxley will be heading up the coalition as Chairman along with top Democratic operative Jim Messina, former Repulican Mary Bono, now with Faegre BD Consulting and Kristen Hawn of Granite Intergrated Strategies.
North Star Opinion Research Dan Judy and Whit Ayres have been engaged to do a poll for the coalition which found that 33% of voters “strongly” oppose a ban on Internet Gambling.

The Coalitions efforts are in response to top Republican donor Adelson’s promise last year to use his fortune to lobby Congress to ban Online Gambling saying that it isn’t good for society and would most likely hurt Casino’s traditional business model. As with American politics, those with the deepest pockets get the goods so this will be a test as how far prolific contributions to political parties will get donors lobbing on their pet projects.

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