New Jersey Looking To Expand Internet Gaming Reach

New Jersey lawmakers are looking to expand internet gambling in the state and have introduced a bill that would allow bets to be taken from other states and countries. Senators Lesniak and Whelan’s bill would allow the State of New Jersey to enter into agreements with other states or countries where online gambling is legal, giving those people who live in those places access to the 15 gambling sites run by Atlantic City casinos.

Only Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey have legalized Internet gambling in the United States, but it is well established in many European countries.
Current law requires that anyone gambling online in New Jersey must reside in the state.

The main goal of this proposed legislation is to give Atlantic City casinos access to the global gambling market. Lesniak was quoted as saying” This would give us access to the 30 Billion dollar Big Kahuna”.
Although it took a great deal of time for New Jersey to hammer out the details of their internet gaming laws it appears they are taking the lead in the legalization of online gambling in the United States.

Lesniak also added that the scrutiny and regulation of payment processors would help make the credit card issuer’s willing to allow the use of cards to fund internet gaming accounts. Recent numbers suggest that since its inception more than 155,000 players have signed up for New Jersey poker accounts.

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