The Growth Of Online Poker In The US

The aftermath of Black Friday had quite an impact on the US Gambling market space especially when it comes to one of the US’s favorite pastime, poker.  The regulations that were passed forced the largest online poker sites to leave the US market and caused several problems for players who depended on their poker income to survive. During the last year or so things have started to change with the government of various states taking a look at how to tax this lucrative business.  Some states have changed their legislation on online gambling in order to corner that market.

As it stands now only 3 states have actually signed bills regulating online poker and a few more looking at the prospects. In theory this should mean that many people are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to play poker online but it appears to be somewhat different in practice.  Only Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada are offering regulated online poker and together these three states have a combined population of 12 million which only represents 1/30 of the US which is a very small part of the poker community.  California is taking a look at legislation to offer online poker and with a population of 32 million it would be a huge boost to the poker economy.  Big players in the online gambling market like Party Poker and Caesars got their feet wet by jumping at the opportunity to get into the ground floor and use mainstream media to get the word out about their products.  Although these investments were quite expensive and a gamble they are counting on the fact that a majority of the states at some point will enable interstate gambling and that could bring millions of potential customers to the table. Unfortunately thus far the numbers have not been too impressive.

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