GOP Senators Seeking To Ban Internet Gambling

A new set of Bills to ban online gambling were introduced into the Senate and the House on Wednesday by Sen. Lindsey Graham and Rep. Jason Chaffetz with the backing of Sheldon Adelson. They are calling for the Restoration of America’s Wire Act, they question is who would they be able to get as co-sponsors.

Sen. Graham landed a high profile Dem co-sponsor Dianne Feinstein who is going against her own state of California’s interest that want to license and regulate online poker. On the house side Chaffetz found 9 co-sponsors but only 2 democrats who are from states that don’t offer any form of gambling, Hawaii and Utah. As well Lemar Smith (R – Tex), Jim Jordan (R- Ohio), Trent Franks (R-Ariz), George Holding (R- N.C), Frank Wolf (R-Virg), James Lankford (R- Okla) and Emanuel Cleaver ( D-Mo). Executive Director of the Poker Player Alliance, John Pappas thinks they have created a ripple in hopes of garnering more support. Pappas thinks that citizens who are on board with online gambling should be contacting their lawmakers to inform them not to support these bills.

Sen. Graham scoffed at the notion that he got involved in this because of the election year and the possibility of additional contributions from Adelson the owner of the Las Vegas Sands. Graham was quoted as saying “The fact that Sheldon is on board is a good thing, but I am doing this because I feel I should”.

” We say hogwash, it’s all about political contributions period! Not surprising it will be difficult to get Democratic support since Mr. Adelson is the largest Republican contributor. We will see how this plays out over the next year.

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