Google Kills Online Gambling PayDay Loans and Tabloid Cloaking Advertising By The Billions

Search Engine Giant Google Kills an Estimated 17 Million Online Gambling Ads in 2016

In 2016 search engine, giant Google wiped out more than 17 million online ads that were promoting illegal unlicensed internet gambling. Although in the overall picture of bad or misleading and illegal advertising online gambling was a relatively small percentage of the overall 1.7 billion ads killed in 2016.

Google management said that it had seen a large number of attempts to advertise gambling related promotions without proper permissions from regulators in the countries they operate. Although there is legal online gambling in a few states in the US, internet gambling is still not classified as legal in most others.

The search engine giant is also taking notice of the advertising of Payday Loans which they deem exploitive and annoying. This is most likely based on the assumption that many millions of people in the United States have had severe problems with the rates that these companies charge and the financial trouble caused by these fly by night lenders.

In July of 2016 they banned any ads for these Payday Loans and have since inception removed more than 5 million. Also with the controversy around the US Election Fake News they clamped down on so called tabloid cloakers which in theory are advertisers that use deception to disguise themselves as legitimate news sources. These fake news sources have been sighted as a huge reason that the Democratic Party in the US lost the election to virtual new comer Donald Trump.

Although Google says they advocate for a free and open internet they don’t condone fraudulent or illegal activities as it may distract from the legitimate advertising that increases their bottom line.

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