Extreme Sit n Go Leaderboard Poker Tournament has decided to re-run its $50,000 Single Table Tournaments after receiving such positive feedback the first time it ran. Betonline is offering players a chance to earn not 1 but 2 payouts in their $50,000 Extreme Sit’n Go Leaderboard Challenge in the month of June, 2014.
While competitors offer similar offers, has distinquished itself by offering players fixed portions of the prize pool rather than a percentage that depends of the amount of game play and the number of participants.

For new poker players its simple, just download the free poker software – between June 1 and 30th and open up a real money account. In order to qualify for the Extreme Sit n Go Leaderboard Tournament you will need to play at the qualifying Sit n Go tables during this promotional period. Every Sit n Go player will earn points and the higher they place in each poker game the more points they accumulate.

The number of points that are accumulated will then determine where you are on the Leaderboard, more points equals high spot. Moving up to the top is key as of June 16th which is the half way point. At that time 25% of the $50,000 prize pool will be paid out accordingly to players who rank on the Leaderboards. (As shown in the Payout Tables)

There will also be a $500 FreeRoll offered automatically to players not in the money, but who have accumulated 50 points or more.
From the half way point to the end of the tournament players will be given a second opportunity to play their way to the top. The final prize payout will take place July 1, 2014 for the remaining 75% being paid out to those on top of the Leaderboard.

Afterwards once again Betonline will offer a $1000 Freeroll for players not in the money but who have accumulated 50 points or more.
This opportunity offers a chance for poker players to prove their skill and win again and again. It’s the Tournament that keeps on giving!!

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