10 New States Looking At Legalized Online Gambling In US

Ten states in the US are contemplating bills to legalize internet gambling in 2014. So far 3 states have allowed online gambling, New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware. California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi and Pennsylvania are looking to propose or expand it.

One of the largest potential markets in the US would be California and Indian Tribes are trying to agree on how to legalize online poker. Two coalitions of tribal leaders met last month and although some progress was made there is still more time needed to work out on accord that would be beneficial to all parties. It is reported that a bill is likely to be enacted before the August 31 deadline. Unfortunately a bill that would have legalized Internet Gaming in Mississippi died at the State Legislature Tuesday.

It is expected that Delaware who really got off to a slow start will look to agreements on Cross Border gambling to increase the size of bettors, this is something New Jersey is seeking as well. A new bill that is awaiting consideration would allow New Jersey to accept interstate and foreign bets. Since launching New Jersey’s 15 online gambling sites took in nearly 8.4 million between late November and the end of last year.
An independent report holds little hope for a national bill legalizing Internet Poker anytime soon, noting it is a midterm election year where anything that could be classified as politically risqué isn’t likely.

One of the biggest opponents of legalizing online poker is Las Vegas billionaire Sheldon Adelson who is funding a campaign to ban it. Typical of US politics!

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