Slots are quite simply taking the world by storm; whether you find yourself in an online or land-based gaming environment you will see that most of them have more slots than anything else. The reason for the popularity of slots is very simple – they’re simple. Slots are the best kind of simple – they’re approachable, easy to play, offer great rewards, and are really very difficult to mess up on.

Playing Slots to Win

The idea behind slots is to win. This sounds silly, because all games have this aim, but with slots, this is really all that they’re about. The excitement and fun of slots is the build up to the win. Modern slots are based on the same principle as mechanical slots which would have various pictures depicted on spinning wheels; when the pictures lined up, you won a prize. Today the reels have been replaced by digital representations and a random number generator, but basically the game is the same – you make them spin, and if the pictures line up, you’ve won a prize.

Easy as 1-2-3

Therefore, how to play slots is really the easiest thing to do. You put money in, you hit the “spin” button, and if you win the machine pays out. However, as with everything in our super modern world – there is a little bit more to know if you want to be proficient in slots playing right from the outset.

Slot Machine Values

The first thing to know is that there are different values in machines; the different values can manifest themselves in 3 different types of ways. The first way is the actual denomination that the machine accepts – this could be as little as 1c or as much as a few dollars. The second thing is the number of coins the machine accepts. For example, on each spin you can wager a different number of those coins, so even if you’re on a 10c machine, you could actually wager 50c per spin if it were a 5-coin machine. Last but not least is something called paylines. In the old days a slot machine would have just one line of spinning reels, and just one winning line – not so anymore. Today you can play on machines with as many as 50 paylines. This is really important to know, especially for online play where a click of a button is so easily done and is linked to your real money account. All of this means, that you could end up gaming a lot of dollars at one time, with just one hit of the ‘spin’ button and so you must be aware of what you’re playing on, and what you’re doing.

Spinning the Wheel

Now you know about the values, you can feel safe and secure in approaching the machine and popping in your coins. Your credit will show up on the screen, and you hit the ‘spin’ button until you’ve had enough. In an online casino you load money into your real money account, and do exactly the same; although in an online casino you can utilize the automatic spin option which will keep spinning for you, even if you’re not there! and that’s why people love the slots!